Tips For Selling your Luxury Home

Your luxury home is one of your most valuable investments. Selling a luxury home can be more challenging and overwhelming than selling a mid-priced one. This is because luxury home buyers are looking for homes that fit their lifestyles. It is crucial to follow the right steps to ensure that your luxury home sells quickly and for the highest possible market value.

1. Price your home right

Pricing a home accurately is crucial in any market. Pricing a luxury home can be even more difficult. The home may have custom features, upgrades, high tech automation systems, amenities, or even an outdoor view. It is possible to overprice or underprice a home. Each region has a different luxury home price range. Your luxury home will be more attractive if priced competitively right from the beginning. It won’t sit on the market too long.

2. A realtor with extensive knowledge of luxury homes is a good choice.

If you’re selling one of your most valuable investments, it might be a good idea to hire a professional real estate agent that is also an expert in luxury homes. A comprehensive marketing plan/system should be prepared by your chosen realtor to promote your home. Ask if they have any other luxury agents that can help you promote your home to qualified buyers.

As proof of their expertise, find out if the agent has any other listings in your area. A custom website may be helpful for the agent and his team, where they can feature property listings.

3. Decide whether you want to list your home on a “pocket list”

“Pocket listing” is when your home is only listed with an agent and not in the MLS. Your home will not be publicly listed. only a listing agent can promote your property to buyers in your area and other luxury agents. Only qualified buyers with financial proof can view the property.

If you want your luxury home to sell quickly and at the best possible price, however, it is still a good idea to list it in the MLS. Although a pocket listing can provide privacy for the seller, it could hinder your marketing efforts.

4. Make professional videos and photos, and use them to market effectively

It is not a good idea to use amateur photos when promoting your luxury home, especially if it is being promoted publicly.

According to the NAR Real Estate In A Digital Age Report (2016) 44{2ee4d641bf8e1a1e2de879a7fe1d7a6f6f131b185567a8e13e515de85d86d645} of buyers in this digital age searched for properties online first. It’s no surprise that high-quality photos and videos are essential when selling your home online. When taking photos of your luxury home, be sure to consider the lighting. Also, remember to highlight the unique features and amenities that make it stand out.

Most local MLSs also have a limit on the number of photos you can showcase online, so a professionally-created video or a virtual tour could be an advantage in selling your property. Potential buyers could be given a virtual tour to allow them to “walk through” your luxury home.

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